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The splashy pop colours that last with translucent water brilliance. - N° 201 Dewy Red: a fresh burst of red - N° 202 Rouge Splash: a streak of red to get you noticed - N° 203 Eau de Corail : a high summer aquatic hit - N° 204 Onde Rose: a wave of delicious pink - N° 205 Pink Rain: a burst of raspberry, irresistibly thirst-quenching - N° 206 Misty Pink: a refined, spray-on pink - N° 207 Juicy Peach: a succulent shot of peach - N° 208 Wet Nude: a sultry, mouthwatering beige - N° 209 Aquatic Fuchsia: a pop-art pink, tempered by cooling water - N° 210 Steamy Violet : a passionate purple, ardent yet cool - N° 211 Rose Cascade : a waterfall of pink rose petals - N° 212 Orange Drop : a bright tangerine, mouthwateringly vibrant

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A spontaneous beauty gesture, with head-turning results. VERNIS À LÈVRES POP WATER glides on the lips thanks to its high-performance applicator with an extra flat shape and fine tip for perfect dosage and application.

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Gloss? Stain? Lipstick? Stop compromising and have it all. Discover now the new VERNIS À LÈVRES POP WATER. The Pop, the Splash. Infuse your lips with translucent shades for an aquatic finish. When applied, the texture breaks into watery droplets for an instant fresh sensation.VERNIS À LÈVRES POP WATER offers intense but sheer colour balanced with a light, watery intensity. The long-lasting colour and shine of VERNIS À LÈVRES POP WATER is boosted by a 10 hour hydration effect. Its watery brilliance stays true on the lips without drying out, or losing its impact. Lips feel supple and comfortable.

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Lips are enriched with a high level of moisturisation and enhanced with a watery brilliance thanks to 2 technologies, "Lifeproof Colour Emulsion" et "Aquatic Feel Boost", empowered by a splash of pop colours.

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