Couture Brow Brow Shaper Mascara

Your signature, the frame to your face.

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Your signature, the frame to your face. Inspired by Lloyd Simmonds, COUTURE BROW allows you to fix, structure and intensify your eye brows to be as natural or as dramatic as you wish for up to 24 hours.

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1. Start from the inner corner of the brow, brush towards the outer corner to create a soft, even base. 2. Apply the brush upward to add movement & create a dynamic shape. 3. Customize the result by using the tip of the brush to accentuate the brow arch to give character.

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Its buildable formula is made of gelifying fixators and semi opaque pigments adapted to all brow hair colours to offer optimal comfort, ultra-long hold and a variation in the intensity of your desired look.

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