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For your eyes only: a brand new anti-fatigue treatment with reinforced efficiency to fight against puffiness and dark circles. This smoothing emulsion is enriched with arnica, known for its decongesting and micro-circulation activating properties. The formula is combined with a draining and ultra-fresh roll-on applicator. Regain a radiant look in a flash: the eye contour area is smoothed out, clarified and rested, ready for a flawless make-up result!

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Directions for use

This roll-on pen can be used whenever you desire on the eye contour area, before make-up application. 1) Click on the top of the roll-on pen, to release the desired amount of product (one click is enough for each eye). For the first use, click ten times to activate the product. 2) Apply to the eye contour, focusing on puffy areas and dark circles, with alternate circular movements from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Then massage with circular movements on the crow’s feet. 3) Finish with light pressure points from the inner corner of the eye to the crow’s feet, to stimulate decongestion.

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Formula secrets

- Plant complex enriched with arnica to erase signs of fatigue (puffiness and dark circles) - Extract from Silver Birch buds combined with pink-coloured correcting pigments to visibly smooth out the eye contour area. - Glycosylated taxifolin, a powerful flavonoid extract from larch, to protect the eye contour area against free radicals and prevent it from the effects of cellular ageing.

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