Top Secrets Lip Perfector

The first 3-in-1 lip specialist by YSL for nutrition, gentle exfoliation and colour glow.


Yves Saint Laurent reveals its “Top Secret”, a perfecting lip balm to: 1. Nourish and restore dry lips, for an ultimate and long lasting comfort. 2. Gently smooth day after day, for soft and smooth lips. 3. Enhance lip natural colour to dress them with a tailormade glow.

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3-in-1 lip balm, nourishes,gently exfoliates day after day, and enhances lip colour glow.

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Directions for use

Apply alone or under make up for enhanced comfort, color homogeneity and glow. Expert hint : Apply a thin layer 10 minutes before make up and in thick layer at night.

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Formula secrets

Extract from annatto fruit rich in antioxidant, shea butter.

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