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The expert makeup-remover for « smoky eyes » to reveal impeccable eyes. A bi-phased lotion that leaves neither oily residue on the skin nor misty veil effect over the eyes: - The colorless upper phase to wipe-off impurities and resistant pigments of waterproof and long-lasting make-up. - The aqueous bluish lower phase to wrap the skin in a pleasant freshness and softness sensation.

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Directions for use

Shake the bottle before each use to mix the two phases. Moisten a cotton pad. Place the cotton pad on the eyelid and pat slightly to help the product soak into the makeup. Carefully remove mascara from the upper lashes, with downward strokes.

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Formula secrets

- Non-greasy satiny oils to uncompromisingly remove all types of eye makeup, even waterproof and long-lasting makeup. - Chamomile extract for the comfort and the respect of the most sensitive eyes. - Pro-vitamin B5 for lash protection.

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