YVES SAINT LAURENT reveals OR ROUGE, its Exceptional Global Skincare, where lies at its heart the Pistil of Saffron from High Atlas. Uncompromisingly rich and silky, the CREME defies signs of ageing for an exceptionally revitalized skin.

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Directions for use

Discover application techniques developed by YVES SAINT LAURENT to complete OR ROUGE sensoriality. The CREME targets the main area of concern, such as uneven skin texture and lack of radiance. Repeat each of the following gestures. APPLY Take the appropriate Cream amount with the black side of the“Pistil“ spatula and dab 5 points on the face and 2 on the neck. ❶ Smooth from the centre toward the outside using your fingertips. And enjoy the delicate fragrance. TARGET Global movements ❷ Use the gold sphere of the “Pistil“ spatula and glide actively back-andforth along the face structural lines. ❸ Glide and press 3 sec. with the spatula on the points located on the lower face area.

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Formula secrets

The OR ROUGE GFC™ is a complex concentrated in Glycan from the Pistil of Saffron. This complex is integrated by YVES SAINT LAURENT in an Exceptional Global Skincare to help defy the appearance of visible signs of ageing. The OR ROUGE CREME targets the appearance of: – fine lines & wrinkles, smile lines & roughness for a sublime resurfacing effect – firmness, density & elasticity for an exceptional recontouring effect – skintone uniformity, dullness, pores & dark spots for a fascinating radiance Resurfaced, recontoured and radiant, skin reveals its magnificence

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