Or Rouge Crème Riche

Uncompromisingly rich and silky.


Or Rouge Creme Riche is uncompromisingly rich and silk. It offers the sensation of a light and soft veil that embraces the skin while combating the signs of aging.

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Directions for use

YSL•SKINSCIENCE experts have harnessed the full powers of this remarkable flower into a new potent glycan complex, OR ROUGE GFC™. OR ROUGE CRÈME with OR ROUGE GFC™ complex: an exceptional Global Skincare able to address 11 signs of skin aging: Roughness, Firmness, Dullness, Elasticity, Wrinkles & fine lines, Skintone uniformity, Pore visibility, Dark spots, Redness, Sagging, Smile lines.

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Formula secrets

Resurfaced, recontoured and radiant, skin reveals its magnificence.

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