IMPROVE THE FIRMNESS OF THE Y-SHAPE. The first firming cream by Yves Saint Laurent, containing the Glycanactif Y™ complex, to improve the feel of firmness of the Y-Shape (face, neck, décolleté). Visible results: immediately, the skin feels more elastic. Day after day, the skin feels reinforced and smoother. After 1 month, facial skin feels firmer, plumped with moisture. The Y-Shape contours look more defined and sharper. Apply morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté. WHAT'S INSIDE : Glycanactif Y™ YSL.SKINSCIENCE¹ has developed the Glycanactif Y™ complex, a combination of glycans, to help improve skin's natural firmness. BENEFITS : FIRMNESS: + 14%² in skin firmness VOLUME: + 21%³ in skin rebounce RADIANCE: + 19%³ in skin radiance ²Instrumental test on 40 women – immediate results. ³Clinical test on 46 women – 1 month – percentage of improvement of clinical scores. BENEFITS (SPECIFIC ASIA) : - Facial contours look sharper for 78%¹ of women - Skin of the low neck feels tightened for 75% of women ¹Self-assessments – 77 women – 4 weeks.

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