Blanc Pur Couture Lotion

The first refining lotion by YSL containing the Glyco Bright complex and Tree Peony extract.


Visible results: instantly skin is moisturised while its tone appears fresher. After 4 weeks, skin texture is refined while dark spot colour, pores and other skin imperfections look reduced. Reveal an extremely pure and immaculate radiance blooming with fresh light.

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Directions for use

Moisten two cotton pads or pour direcly onto hands. Start from the middle of the CHIN outwards following horizontal lines up to forehead AND FINSH BY THE NECK.

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Formula secrets

YSL.SKINSCIENCE has associated the Glyco Bright Complex with Tree Peony extract to help target skin stress imprints at their source. Helps visibly reduce the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation signs to brighten and clarify skin.

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