Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Star Edition

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MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS is reimagined with a new mood: the timeless rock spirit which sits at the very heart of YSL Beauté. The shade? It could only be N°1 High Density Black. Dramatic and intense lashes that look unreal in their glory - electrified by the night sky.

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ALL NEW LONG LIFE FORMULA PROVDES INSTANT DRAMATIC VOLUME AND IDEAL MAKE-UP RESULT UNTIL THE LAST DROPS CARE-ENRICHED FORMULA EMBELLISHES ALL LASH TYPES Inside, the unique YSL Beauté brush, with its alternating fibers of varying diameters, remains. So too, the wand with just the right amount of flex. Proven to increase lash thickness, the inky black mascara formula stays on morning till night, surged by a unique Triple Film Complex: COATING FILM - A cellulose polymer increase the lash diameter CONDITIONING FILM - A polymer with the stretch of polyester for a lengthening result FIXING FILM - A vinyl polymer to form an invisible veil to fix the colour pigments in place

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Directions for use

Tips of the pro / Application Advice “My favorite way to apply mascara is to curl the lashes first, then start applying at the root of the lash on the outside of the eye. Apply the brush to the lash, pushing upwards and outwards at the same time with a zig-zag type of movement so that it separates the lashes while applying the mascara. On the inner lashes and the bottom lashes, use just the tip of the brush and apply to individual lashes. It takes a little more time, but it makes the application cleaner.”

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Formula secrets

The original formula of MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS with the unique ‘TRIPLE FILM COMPLEX’ remains unchanged. It dresses the lashes with three polymer films that create the false lashes long-lasting, volumizing and curling effect. COATING FILM: A cellulose polymer combined with nylon particles for an incomparable volume. CONDITIONNING FILM: A polymer with all the natural stretch and flexibility of polyester for a lengthening result. FIXING FILM: A vinyl polymer that forms an invisible veil on the surface of the lashes to fix the color pigments in place. YSL Beauty unveils a new mix of the formula of MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CIL, now fine-tuned with conditioning properties to give beautiful and soft lashes. BIOMIMETIC OILS – SOFTENS: The formula is enriched with 4 sensuous oils that condition the lashes’ fibers: argan oil, carthame oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil. Selected for their complementary nourishing and revitalizing properties, they help to strengthen the keratin fiber. The lashes are supple, soft and intense. PRO-VITAMINS B5 – BEAUTIFIES: Pro-vitamins B5 penetrate the lashes to smooth them and make them more flexible thanks to a natural swelling action.

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