Couture Brow Marker

12-hour wear customizable brow felt-tip pen.

Select your color: Light Brown
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Couture Brow Marker is the ultimate product for a made to measure brow shape & colour with adjustable intensity and precision With its angled large felt-tip, it allows to easily achieve either the most natural look to the boldest.

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Directions for use

SOFT NATURAL LOOK : apply one layer to structure your brow shape. Using the small end of the lead, draw small lines from the outwards of your brows to mimic hairs. BOLDER LOOK : layer on colour to intensify your brow line. Using the large side of the lead, get the boldest result in one stroke.

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The first brow gesture in a large-marker pen. A 12-hour wear buildable formula that fills, accentuates and shapes all type of brows.

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