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Wet & dry eye shadows - a bewitched look.

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A new generation of powders by Yves Saint Laurent in a luxurious case. A magical encounter of colour and water. Mixed, superimposed, smudged and blended, used wet or dry - PURE CHROMATICS eye shadows adapt to any transformation. To process the formula of PURE CHROMATICS eye shadows, Yves Saint Laurent uses water and a high concentration of pigments and pearls. Upon application, water remoisturizes the eye shadow and gives full intensity to its pigments while pearls shine with a metallic reflection. Your look is transformed. Captivating. Vibrant. Bewitching.

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Directions for use

« These exciting shades have been designed to be used individually or in combinations, either to create matching or contrasting color effects. » - Lloyd Simmonds APPLIED DRY: For a soft effect, for light or daytime eye makeup. Apply onto the eye lid with the foam applicator. APPLIED WET: For an accentuated finish, to increase the intensity of pigments and pearly particles. Dip the silicone applicator into a drop of water, then into the PURE CHROMATICS eye shadows. Mix gently to obtain a smooth texture before applying evenly onto the eye lid with applicator. TIPS Mix wet and dry applications to achieve different effects with PURE CHROMATICS: For looks designed by Lloyd Simmonds with PURE CHROMATICS palettes, please refer to PURE CHROMATICS digital look book. PURE CHROMATICS applicators have two ends each, one is thick, the other is thin. To apply as eyeliner, use the thinnest tip. To color your eye lid, use the thick tip.

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