Full Metal Shadow Metallic shine. Color impact.

Shiny liquid eye shadows. 16-hour lasting colour impact.

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YSL Beauté introduces FULL METAL SHADOW, a collection of 10 shiny liquid eye shadows that burst with vibrant metallised reflections. A brand-new 16-hour lasting colour impact. METALLIC LUSTRE TECHNOLOGY For the first time ever, the YSL Beauté laboratories have developed a unique technology that incorporates a more than 30% high concentration of pigments and pearls into a 40% pure water based solution. The result: a liquid formula with an ultra glossy cool metallic sheen.

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Directions for use

« I love the colours of FULL METAL SHADOW because they are extremely easy to apply. They slide along the eyelid like water for an intense finish. It’s a quick gesture, which only takes a few minutes. Their shine beautifully enhances the shape of the eye, with a subtle shimmering touch ».Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Makeup YSL BeautéFULL METAL APPLICATORThe specially patented FULL METAL SHADOW applicator was designed to perfectly follow the rounded shape of the eyelid. It produces a fine and homogenous metallic film that totally adheres to the skin for a strong colour finish. Use the flat and large surface for a full metal cover of the whole eyelid. For a more graphic look and eyeliner application, follow the lash line with the pointed tip or the side of the applicator before lightly drawing upwards for an elongated look.

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*16-HOUR LASTING COLOUR IMPACT FULL METAL SHADOW adorns the eyes with a powerful and luminous colour that remains unchanged for 16 hours, without budging. IMMEDIATE FRESH EFFECT With its extraordinary sensoriality, FULL METAL SHADOW instantaneously provides the eyelid with an incredible feeling of freshness. In a single gesture, its texture delicately glides to create a flat and uniform metal wash of colour with a distinctive refreshing effect.

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