Touche Éclat

The magic wand for enhanced radiance.

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The magic wand for enhanced radiance. A cult beauty product used by celebrities and models, often copied but never equalled, TOUCHE ÉCLAT captures the light, banishing signs of fatigue and fading out imperfections. In just one click, this moisturising and ultra-fluid emulsion eliminates shadows from the side of the nose, the corners of the mouth, the hollow of the chin and expression lines. It embellishes the eye area, making you look rested and bright-eyed. The pure magic of TOUCHE ÉCLAT can also be applied to the lip contour to create fuller looking lips, or to the side of the nose to give your face a touch of radiance. The very handy format means you can pop it into any size handbag… All skin types. Tested under dermatological control. Size: 2.5ml

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Directions for use

Click two or three times to get sufficient product on the brush. TOUCHE ÉCLAT blends with a day cream, a base, a foundation or a powder and thus allows you to touch-up at any time without creating a blotchy effect. Awaken your complexion Apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT on the dark areas of your face: beneath your eyes, along the sides of your nose, on the corners of your lips, in the hollow of your chin, at expression lines, to banish signs of fatigue and instantly restore radiance! Sculpt the light Create a ribbon of light on the centre of your face (middle of your forehead, bridge of your nose, tip of your chin, cheekbones) to brighten it and refine the texture of your skin. Refresh your eyes Apply TOUCHE ÉCLAT on your eyelids, beneath your eyebrows, and on the inner corners of your eyes: the hold and radiance of your eye shadow will be intensified. Make your lips look plumper For a more sensual looking mouth, smooth the contours of your lips with TOUCHE ÉCLAT, then apply lipstick. Refresh the radiance of your make up Use TOUCHE ÉCLAT anywhere, anytime to revive your make-up. You can also moisten a cotton swab with it to erase mistakes when applying lip pencil or lipstick. Bring out all of your complexion's luminosity and radiate a lovely new glow with TEINT RADIANCE. This unique fluid foundation combines extreme sensory pleasure with total light control to give the complexion a satiny, natural-looking, dazzling finish and unrivaled radiance. Non-comedogenic formula. Dermatologist tested.

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