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Leave it to chance

Lloyd Simmonds Creative Director Make-Up Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

How did the story of LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU begin?

The YSL BEAUTE laboratory is continually working on developing new revolutionary formulas. When they discover something of interest, they send it to me to test in my work. There were around five different versions of the LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU formula, which were subject of discussion between the labs and I for about a year and a half. The finalised version was used for the first time when we shot the ad campaign.

How is LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU different to other long-wearing foundations on the market?

Other formulas tend to be quite thick in texture, a little heavy and form a barrier on the skin. LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU has a lightness of texture which is completely new. As a make-up artist, my criteria for foundation is that don’t see it on the skin, it has to be invisible and weightless. So the aim was to finally create a weightless formula with an invisible, long-lasting coverage, and that’s what we have.

What type of finish does the foundation create on the skin?

It has a natural-looking, mattifying effect on the skin - without appearing dry or caked on. There’s definitely more matte to the finish than radiance, compared with our other foundations. And it lasts the entire day. It’s the perfect foundation for fashion shows because even four hours after application, it’s still there by the time the models hit the runway.

Who is the woman you see wearing LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU?

I think it’s universal. Women want something that’s easy, which doesn’t require going to the mirror to re-do your face every four hours. They want a formula which can be applied in the morning and last all day. This foundation responds to modern women’s lives and how they don’t necessarily have the time anymore to invest in a long, drawn-out beauty regimen. It has to be quick and easy. That’s what women want.

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Leave it to chance