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LVDP is a collection of fragrances that each interprets a centrepiece of the couturier’s wardrobe.


Coated in black and worn over an envening dress, Mr Yves Saint Laurent's interpretation of the trench coat cuts across the codes in a wave of audacity.Beyond the infinite reinventions of its fabric, colour and proportions, its belted silhouette, carefree look and assertive elegance allow the trench coat to remain a unique and timeless garment. TRENCH reveals its refined sense in an architectural bottle, enlighted with a pure square silver trim and an ornamented jewel cap, mirror to the iconic tuxedo cloth: the “grain de poudre”.

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A rainfall of radiant citruses on a belted iris of assertive sophistication. The testimony of a spellbinding intuitive sensuality with a sharp and stately cut. Iris - leather flower - Edgy Cologne

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