LVDP is a collection of fragrances that each interprets a centrepiece of the couturier’s wardrobe.


A sand coloured adventure, a never-ending summer under a blazing sun: with its cotton fabric the saharienne, known in English as the safari jacket, blends with the desert. It dresses the men and women who share a common unquenchable thirst for adventure and freedom. Mr Yves Saint Laurent transformed this iconic piece of clothing into a profoundly urban garment. SAHARIENNE reveals its refined sense in an architectural bottle, enlighted with a pure square silver trim and an ornamented jewel cap, mirror to the iconic tuxedo cloth: the “grain de poudre”.

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The solar luminosity of the neroli diffused by white cottony musks. A trail of adventure that lights up the silhouette. Vaporous Petals - Citrus and Muscs - Woody Touch

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