Le vestiaire des parfums

At the dawn of every fashionable creation, is material. Tangible, tactile, it comes before everything else. Precedes shape. Ignites imagination.
Each fragrance reinterprets the legendary aesthetic of the iconic materials revered by Yves Saint Laurent.

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The Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent is associated with seduction, eroticism, but also with a certain form of impertinence.

the tuxedo

Long before it became known as a timeless sartorial statement, the tuxedo was an elegant overgarment. Worn by aristocratic gentlemen in the 19th century, its principle function was to protect their evening wear from the smoke of their cigars, which were savoured in the privacy of exclusive gentlemen’s smoking


TUXEDO puts darkness into light, leading it to the zenith of its pure, nocturnal and narcotic emotion. A contemporary elegance perpetually reinvented with that particular impertinent touch that makes it so unique. With its matt dry leaves and dark and smoky texture, the patchouli flagrantly announces its incredibly distinguished and perfectly sketched sobriety.


The comfort of an enveloping tonka bean illuminated by the sparks of pink pepper. The ease of a felt-like refinement lined with a delicate authenticity.


‘Caban’ is the French term given to the pea coat, one of the most authentic garments designed to confront the sea, the cold, the rain and protect men as they tussle with the unforeseeable elements of nature. With its thick raw wool, double-breasted construction and large collar that can be worn up or down, the pea coat provides sailors with a protective cocoon.


The vanilla and tonka bean accents create a delightful sensation of comfort. Lightly almondy and creamy, these sweeping notes heat the dry down of the fragrance with a masterful sweetness. Their unctuous suppleness enrobes and reassures. They hold the familiar accents of caramel, hay and praline that recall heart-warming memories, as soothing as the high pea coat collar that shelters the skin from the cold.


The solar luminosity of the neroli diffused by white cottony musks. A trail of adventure that lights up the silhouette.


A sand coloured adventure, a never-ending summer under a blazing sun. Destined to protect from the heat, the safari jacket, referred to in French as ‘saharienne’, was first worn during the 19th century by Westerners in Africa and India. The tan colour of its linen or cotton fabric blends with the desert. The safari jacket was the essential piece of equipment for explorers and members of the colonial armies.


SAHARIENNE conquers the solar charm to turn it into an adventurous material. It adorns the imaginary with colours, awakens the senses, grasps the quintessence of endeavour and infinitely lights up the silhouette. The intrepid and powerful orange blossom breathes the desert sun with a burning carnal sensuality. Like footprints that mark the sand along their path, its cut white petals leave in the fragrance's trail a mirage-like imprint.


A rainfall of radiant citruses on a belted iris of assertive sophistication. The testimony of a spellbinding intuitive sensuality with a sharp and stately cut.


The symbolism of this utilitarian garment has all to do with in-field realities: a collar and waterproof canvas fabric shield from the rain while a double-breasted crossed closure and buckled belt ensure a total freedom of movement. An apparel of absolute masculinity that has become a classic of the men's wardrobe.


TRENCH is worn tight against the skin. It triggers a discreetly sophisticated attitude and conveys a relaxed authority. The testimony of a spellbinding intuitive sensuality with a sharp and stately cut. mpermeable to austerity, it opens on a luminous and pearly rainfall of citrus drops. The canvas of clouds meets with the sunlight ray of bergamot, cream of all hesperide notes.


A floating veil of incense embroidered with an opulent benzoin. An evocation of the East, between intense colours and languid warmth.

the caftan

The caftan sums up the Eastern world. The power of colour, the beauty of loose-fitted and floating cuts. A traditional tunic marked by vaporous shapes and soft fabrics that allows the body to move freely and answers to a lifestyle that is liberated from Western social conventions. Derived from the djellabas, this piece is worn without any distinction of age or gender.


This bewitching seduction, with its intense sharp tones, evokes passion. Woven at the heart of a benzoin and vanilla brocade, the smoke rings of incense create a supple arabesque that lightly drapes down along the skin. A voluptuous enclave and an impression of freedom float in the same way that the caftan caresses the body.

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