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Couture Brow Palette

All-in-one eyebrow kit, 3-colour powder & tweezers.

WÄHLE DEINE FARBE: Couture Brow Palette
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All-in-one kit for couture eyebrows: 3-colour powder, 1 angled brush and tweezers. Draw the shape of the eyebrow with the tweezers. Then, define the made-to-mesure shade blending the 3 colours, and structure the eyebrow applying it from the base to the tip with the angled brush.

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Draw the shape of the eyebrow with the tweezers. Create the perfect brow colour blending the 3 shades. Use a darker shade than the hair to intensity thelook, a lighter one to soften it.

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Long-wearing formula with a soft, buildable feel.

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