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Rouge Pur Couture offers a range of unique shades directly inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's emblematic colours: Red, Fuchsia and Orange.

Formed by an alchemy between these three pure colours and three skin intensities (fair, olive and dark), the never-before-seen shades in the Rouge Pur Couture line subtly reflect each woman's personality.

In Russian, "krasnoi"
means both
"red" and "beautiful".
In Spanish,
"colorado" means
both "red" and
"colourful". At
Yves Saint Laurent,
red is not
only the colour
of heroines. It is a
A universal message
that defies all
codes, all
to affirm a

Rouge Pur Couture
Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre Yves Saint Laurent has now brought out Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre, ultra-trendy lipsticks that are a must for the shopper for the fall of 2011

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